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how to measure your penis the right way

How to Measure Your Penis the Right Way

4 min read

Taking stock of your penis size might seem straightforward, but put away that measuring tape. There's a surprising amount of nuance to this rite of passage for most men. Luckily, we're here to help you understand how to measure your penis correctly and what it means for your sexual health.

Premature ejaculation pills do they work

Premature Ejaculation Pills - Do They Work or Not?

11 min read

There isn't a single easy answer because not all PE is the same. What works for one man may be ineffective for another. This article breaks down the causes, the available treatments, and the best way to find the treatment that works for you.

the benefits of kegels for guys

The Benefits of Kegels for Guys

8 min read

Men spend a lot of time thinking about their penises but often ignore the pelvic floor muscles, a vital part of the reproductive system that we share with women. This is an area where women are way ahead of men in maintaining sexual health. The secret is Kegel exercises.

10 Ways To Make Your Penis Bigger & Thicker Naturally

10 Ways To Make Your Penis Bigger & Thicker Naturally

11 min read

Most men worry about their penis size because they believe they don't add up. After all, porn and society as a whole have warped our self-image. The truth is there are natural ways to increase penis size, but the true power of your sword is the master behind it.

the small package sex guide

The Small Package Sex Guide

14 min read

If you are included in the 45% of adult men that feel the size of their penis does not stack up, please don't despair. You're probably better off than you realize. This enlightening post includes a wealth of surprising facts and practical advice about how to get the most out of your favorite body part.

how to get rid of blue balls

"Blue Balls" Fact or Myth?

6 min read

The male sexual phenomenon known as "blue balls" is a real thing. You might be surprised to find out that it doesn't only happen to men! In this fun and informative post, you'll learn the truth about how blue balls occur, and how to get rid of them when they do happen.

5 surprising benefits to jelqing

4 Surprising Benefits to Jelqing

8 min read

Jelqing is a series of repetitive stretching exercises performed for penis enlargement, blood flow, and perhaps even a way to improve your sexual performance. This educational blog post will tell you everything you need to know about jelqing!

Graphic depicting best and worst sexual positions for men with erectile dysfunction

The Best and Worst Sexual Positions for Men With ED

6 min read

There are simple ways to improve sexual performance and prevent erectile dysfunction by practicing good habits and choosing the right sexual positions for sexual activity. Read on and you might even be surprised to find out the best and worst positions to fight ED!

Man in shirt and tie sitting behind computer thinking about the size of his penis

How Do I Make My Penis Look Larger?

4 min read

So why do we continually search for ways to increase the size of our manhood? Why is penis size so important to men? Simply put, there is no single aspect of the human body that plays such a critical role in defining a man’s identity as his penis. In this post, we outline some simple ways to make your penis look larger.

man in suit laying in bed who was harmed by gas station sex pills

Gas Station Sex Pills Do They Really Work?

7 min read

You've probably seen them before - they have eye catching, ornate packaging, and are displayed near the checkout at gas stations, convenience stores, and local bodegas. This informative post gives you the real story behind these often dangerous and unregulated pills.

four cactuses on brown background that look like penises and appear to be shrinking

5 Things You Can Do to Reverse a Shrinking Penis

8 min read

The thought of losing penile length is not a pleasant one. Actually, it’s downright terrifying! There is no single aspect of the human body that plays such a critical role in defining a man’s identity. The good news is that you can prevent and reverse penile shrinkage. Read more about this topic at the Private Gym!

Man with hair pulled back in a white robe looking out the window and drinking coffee after a sexual encounter

How Premium Lubrication Improves Your Sexual Performance

3 min read

When it comes to choosing the right lubrication, not all lubes are the same. The right lubrication can make all the difference - and premium, silicone lubricants stand out from the crowd.

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