Lynette Jenkins

Ambassador Profile:

Name: Lynette Jenkins

Address: Newmarket, Suffolk

Occupation: Housewife and proud Mother

I am a mum of five 3 boy and 2 girls, I have been married for almost 27 years Live on a stud farm (horses) in Newmarket. I have multiple sclerosis so I am at home very much of the time and I love to cook!

Here is Lynette’s reasons for wanting to be an ambassador for Mums Masala

I first discovered Mum’s Masala 8 months ago and straight away I knew it was something special the best and healthiest which is very important for all of us. I love to cook different dishes as it is so versatile and I cant speak highly enough of it, that’s why I am happy to be an Ambassador for MM

Preference: Mum's Masala Medium