Julie Cain Mua

Ambassador Profile:

Name: Julie Cain Mua

Address: London

Occupation: Account Manager/Makeup Artist

I love to cook and be creative with the dishes I make, It gives me pleasure to cook for friends and family. I’m always looking for healthy ways to cook and normally don’t use jars of sauces as they have too much salt and sugar in them. That’s when I discovered Mums Masala, I love the fact that it is so healthy and tasty. It is also so versatile and can be used in many dishes, not just curries.

Here is Julie reasons for wanting to be ambassador for Mums Masala

I am thrilled to be an ambassador for Mum’s Masala as it is product that I love to use as a healthy way to cook and I will enjoy to share my recipes. I love using the medium as I can add chillies if I want it hotter!

Preference: Mum's Masala Medium