Mum’s Masala & Heart Research UK

Mum’s Masala and Heart Research UK are Helping hearts and working together to help people live healthier, happier, longer lives. In this world of fast food, it’s even more important to have a well-balanced, healthy diet. With our more international taste in foods, curries are an everyday staple and we’re very happy to team up with a company that offers the choice of a healthier option in our local shops nationwide.

Mum’s Masala is a great foundation for creating a tasty, vibrant and nutritious curry in no time. With modern busy lifestyles, cooking an authentic dish from scratch can be a challenge and it’s so easy to rely on ready-made high fat, high salt options or take-aways. The beauty of Mum’s Masala is that they’ve reduced the fat, saturated fat and salt levels without compromising on an authentic taste.

Remember to cook your Mum’s Masala with some healthy ingredients like chicken, turkey or pulses- steer clear of adding salt – and serve up with vegetable-rich side dishes, brown rice, low-fat naan bread, chapatis and low-fat cucumber raita. Explore the world of Mum’s Masala curries as part of your heart-healthy lifestyle.

Remember too that Mum’s Masala is giving a donation from every jar sold to Heart Research UK to fund our pioneering medical research and community projects across the UK.