“My dad came over from India in 1945, he settled here working very hard, but missed home cooked curries. When my mum came to England she had brought the spices with her, as curry was something very new in England.”

The first time my mum cooked a curry in England, was an exceptionally special day for my dad, he could smell the spicy aroma’s and was taken back in time to when his mum cooked for him. My Grandmother would go to the farm for fresh vegetables, before preparing the masala; the lovely smells would be teasing his taste buds whilst his stomach would be waiting in anticipation for the homemade curry.

I too, remember my mum grinding all the different spices in a pestle and mortar to make the Masala when I was a child, which was very time consuming. My mother-in-law still to this day grind’s all the Masala spices together. My wife and I remember our mothers cooking in the kitchen, preparing all the ingredients ready for a curry, recipes which have been handed down from their mothers, grandmother’s and great grandmothers.

Weekends would be a special time, family and friends would come over for curry, the preparation would start early Saturday, the cutting, chopping and grinding, we would help cut the onions with tears streaming down our faces. Remembering the smells and sizzling of the masala base ready for the crucial moment to add the veg or meat, for the mouth watering curry. Dad would bring his friends home after a night out at the local pub, who were totally smitten by the spicy aroma’s the moment they came in through the front door, with the different aroma, a smell’s that they did not recognise. All of us sitting together enjoying a home cooked curry.

My wife learnt the art of making curry from her Nanni and her mum, and recalls, how they would emphasise the importance, to cook the spices through, so that they release the flavours to create a tasty curry. Mum’s Masala is generations of hard work made easy, everyone can enjoy and authentic homemade curry and Mum’s done all the hard work!


Norrindar-Signiture-WhiteHeart disease and heart disorders are one of the biggest killers in the world today and having lost my father and some close friends, this is my way of helping others in a way I know best.

After doing my homework to see what was available on the market, I realised that there was a gap for a healthy Indian option. That is where my true journey began and I set to work with a chef to develop a unique recipe, that would help towards fighting heart disease.

We are very proud of Mums Masala which is very unique due to its ‘Low in Saturated Fat’, Low in sugars and Low in salt and it is for this reason that we secured a number of industry awards. We are also extremely fortunate to have Heart Research UK on board supporting Mum’s Masala, I know that my father would be very proud of this too.